Shaken Udder Kids Milkshake


We’ve been making fab milkshakes since 2004, but our Shaken Udder Kids shakes have been developed especially for you!

They are made with real fruit or Belgium chocolate and are full of lots of healthy vitamins and minerals, including:

Meet the Shaken Udder moo crew

Shaken Udder Kids milkshakes are made with 93 – 95% semi-skimmed milk so they are a brilliant yummy way to get all the goodness you need from milk.

Our delicious range of Shaken Udder kids milkshakes are made using fresh British milk, and real fruit or belgium chocolate. And best of all, even your parents will love them as they are packed with calcium, contain no artificial nasties and are school approved!

Explore our Shaken Udder Kids range with the help of our funky Moo Crew cows. Click on each moo’vellous character opposite to find out all about them and collect the Cow Points on each carton to win fantastic Moo Crew prizes!

Cow Points Form

On every tasty Shaken Udder Kids carton you’ll find a character to cut out. Collect these cartons to win prizes and then click the cow to download the cow point form.

Follow These Steps:

  1. Cut out the cow characters tokens from the back of your strawberry, chocolate and banana Shaken Udder milkshake cartons.
  2. Download the Cow Points form on this page.
  3. Save up your Cow Points and when you have saved enough for a prize, stick your tokens onto the form.
  4. Complete the Cow Points form and tick the prize you want to receive.
  5. Send your completed form(s) to Shaken Udder Farm.
  6. Continue to save up your Cow Points for more and more prizes!

Carton Cow Point Prizes

Why Milk?

Well, because it’s delicious for one! Milk and dairy products are also a really important part of your diet. Milk is a brilliant source of energy and protein (the things that get you out of bed and moo-ving in the morning) and it contains loads of really great vitamins and minerals (vitamins B2, B6, B12, folate, iodine, phosphorus, potassium and zinc.)

Not only that, but it is also rich in calcium, which you all need to build healthy teeth and bones.


Taste totally yummy!
Contain no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives!
Made with real fruit or Belgium chocolate and British milk
School approved
Less than 5% added sugar
Low fat made with semi skimmed milk
Good source of Calcium, which is great for your growing bones
Vitamins B12 for natural immunity support
Gluten Free
Suitable for vegetarians
All our bottles can be recycled





Click a character to find out more about them.